Be the head of the chicken, not the tail of the bull.

Toyo-san, Isakaya Toyo (Osaka, Japan)


Training Needs Analysis

  • What is the training need? Problem to solve
  • Who is the training for? Target learner
  • Does the training exist? Environmental scan



Content and Plan

  • What will be covered in the training? Topics, sessions, activities, and assessment
  • What are available resources? Policies, procedures, and documentation
  • When is the training required? Timelines and schedules


Tools and Methodology

  • What tools are required? Software and materials i.e. Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint
  • How will it be distributed? Print, online, or blended
  • How will consistency be maintained? Templates
  • What are other considerations? Usability, accessibility, and engagement


Delivery of Training

  • Who will facilitate and monitor? Trainers, moderators, and presenters
  • Where will it occur? Classroom, online, or blended


Evidence and Feedback

  • How will feedback enjoy gathered? Survey and courses evaluation
  • How will improvements be captured? Improvement sheets, notes from facilitators
  • How and when will changes be made? Project timelines and course resource maintenance or improvements